Water Heater

    • Choose an instantaneous water heater instead of a storage water heater as it is more energy efficient.
    • Consider installing a solar water heater if you have access to roof space (e.g. living in landed property).
    • If you are buying a storage water heater, a capacity of 23-27 litres is suitable for a family size of 4-6. Consider a storage water heater with a heat pump, which is more energy efficient as it absorbs heat from the room air to provide heat to water.
    • The water heater should be placed as close to the shower point as possible so that less hot water is retained in the pipe and not wasted.
  • Switch on the water heater before shower and switch it off after use. Leaving a storage water heater switched on for the entire day may cost you about $110 a year*.
  • Cut down on long showers and turn off the tap while soaping. Taking shorter showers saves both electricity and water.

*Based on electricity tariff of $0.27 per kWh.

Fun Facts
  • Storage water heaters continue to use energy to heat water when they are left switched on, while instantaneous water heaters only use energy to heat water when it flows through the unit.
  • Cutting down your shower time by 1 minute can save 9 litres of water.