Washing Machine

  • From 1 October 2011, washing machines sold in Singapore have to carry a mandatory Water Efficiency Label (WEL). Choose a washing machine model with more ticks on the WEL for greater water efficiency.

  • Wash with a full load. Consolidate your laundry and maximise the washing capacity to achieve better energy and water efficiency.
  • Wash clothes in water at room temperature. It is not really necessary to use the water heater function in our washing machines as our water is warm enough for the wash to be effective.
  • Make use of natural sunlight to air-dry clothes instead of using a clothes dryer.
  • Use the amount of the detergent as recommended by the manufacturer to reduce energy and reduce wastage.
Other Green Tips
  • After drying your clothes, cover the bamboo pole holders. Rainwater can accumulate in these holders if they are uncovered and create a habitat for mosquitoes to breed.
  • Turn over all water storage containers and keep them dry.
  • Donate old clothes or reuse the fabrics from old clothes by cutting them into rags for cleaning.
  • Collect rinse water from the washing machine for flushing the toilet or mopping the floor.
Fun Facts
  • Use water efficiency labelled fittings with at least 1 tick or more to conserve water. The rating given to a product is determined by its category and its water consumption.
  • A 3-tick water efficient washing machine model can save as much as 112 litres of water per wash compared to a 0-tick washing machine.