Recycling & Waste Disposal

  • Consider using recycling bins at home to store recyclables (paper, metal, plastics, glass) separately from your normal waste.
  • Empty recyclable containers of their contents, and rinse them if needed.
  • Deposit recyclables into the recycling chute or nearest recycling bin in your neighbourhood instead of throwing them away.

  • Do not deposit food/liquid waste and non-recyclables (e.g. light bulbs, window glass, ceramic, porcelain, batteries) into recycling bins.
  • Do not dispose off bulky items indiscriminately. You may contact your Town Council to assist with the disposal.
Fun Facts
  • Recycling 1,000kg of paper saves 17 trees.
  • Recycling an aluminium can saves 95% of the energy used to make a new one.
  • Recycling a glass bottle saves 30% of the energy used to make a new one.
  • What happens to your recyclables after they are collected?

  • One-third of household waste is packaging waste. Some manufacturers are doing their part to reduce packaging waste under the Singapore Packaging Agreement, for example, through optimising packaging production processes, redesigning the packaging so that less material is used, or reviewing their packaging practices to eliminate unnecessary packaging. Please visit for more information. You can do your part to reduce packaging waste by choosing products with less packaging and reusing/recycling your used packaging.