• Choose energy efficient lighting such as fluorescent tubes, compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and LED bulbs. Using a 60W incandescent light bulb instead of a 9W LED bulb may cost you about $15 more in electricity bills per bulb per year*.
  • Design your home to make the most of the natural light available. Position chairs or tables where there is natural light. Use light-coloured, loose-weave curtains on your windows to allow daylight to penetrate the room while preserving privacy.
  • Brighten the room with lighter colours. Use lighter colours in areas where you want to be bright, as lighter colours reflect more light.

*Based on electricity tariff of $0.27 per kWh, with a daily lighting usage of 3 hours.

  • Switch the lights off whenever you leave the room.
  • Use light dimmers whenever possible.
  • Keep the number of lights switched on in the room to a minimum when watching television. This saves electricity and also cuts the annoying glare/light reflections from your TV screen.
  • Dust or clean lamps and fixtures regularly. Dust on lamps and reflectors reduce light transmission, making them less energy efficient.
Fun Facts
  • • LED bulbs consume 85% less electricity than incandescent light bulbs to produce the same amount of light, and they can last about 12 times longer.